The Dublin Waste to Energy Facility converts waste that cannot be reused or recycled into clean energy

Dublin Winter Lights 2022-1

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Once again Dublin Waste to Energy illuminated the plant for Christmas as part of the Dublin City Council’s “Dublin Winter Lights” with a great animated display.

Facility News

Welcome to Covanta Dublin

Located in Poolbeg, Dublin Port, the facility:

  • Annually diverts at least 600,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from landfill
  • Generates enough electricity for over 100,000 homes
  • Potential heating for 50,000 additional homes



Safe, Environmentally Sound Operation

Learn about the state-of-the-art emissions control system at the Dublin Waste to Energy Facility.



What’s coming from the stack?

Learn about the emissions control system and the steam plume coming from the stack.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the facility built?

Why was the facility built?

How is waste converted into energy

How is waste converted into energy?

What are the emissions generated

What are the emissions generated?

How does the facility benefit the community

How does the facility benefit the community?


Dublin Waste to Energy is a Proud Member of REPAK Ireland