31st August 2023

Biodiversity grows in facility's wildflower meadow

During National Biodiversity Week in Ireland (May 15th to 23rd), Dublin Waste to Energy is pleased to report on the increase in biodiversity in the facility's wildflower meadow.


The wildflower meadow was developed during construction of the Dublin Waste to Energy facility.

It featured a fantastic display of wild daisies in 2020, and continues to blossom in 2021 with numerous more wild species growing. In addition to another wonderful display of daisies this year, there is wild fennel, yarrow, kidney vetch, cowslip, clover and red campion growing.

We also have sycamore seedlings, derived from the sycamore trees planted during construction, growing as well.

Interestingly, it appears that domestic plants are growing, derived from gardens in the locality, with the observation of a geranium plant.

This continued increase in biodiversity reflects the environmental commitment of the facility.