31st August 2023

Over 180 visitors tour facility as part of Dublin's Open House weekend

The Dublin Waste to Energy facility hosted over 180 visitors as part of Architectural Ireland's Open House Dublin weekend event. 



The Open House Dublin initiative provides visits, talks, tours, lectures, workshops and podcasts with the aim of shedding light on how the city and its people reflect and depend on each other.   

Alongside 12 other cities in Europe, Open House Dublin placed a focus on sustainability, highlighting sustainable practice through building visits.

Visitors to Encyclis' Dublin Waste to Energy plant got a glimpse of the control room, watched an educational video about the plant, toured the interactive visitor centre and received gifts.   

Younger visitors got a chance to experience the operation of the waste cranes, overseen and instructed by John Finnegan, shift supervisor.

This hugely successful day was organised by Tracy Pelosi, who was assisted by Kieran Mullins, Robert Andrews, Mark Heffernan, Simon Ward, Ursula McGuinness, Sinead O’Riordan, John Finnegan and Matthew McManus.